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2023 Australian and
New Zealand
Knifemaking book

The 2023 Australian and New Zealand Knifemaking book is 195 'art quality' A4 pages featuring amazing Artisan Knifemakers and the stunning world of handmade knives from the Oceania region.


* 22 individual articles featuring some of Australia's and New Zealand's best knifemakers with a biography, Q&A's and stunning photos highlighting their work.

* 'Photo Appreciation' section with 100's of full colour photos from makers across Oceania by pro photographers.

* Detailed 6 page 'how to' process on making Feather Damascus with photos and access to videos.

* Comprehensive directory of makers, teachers, suppliers and service providers.

* Australia's largest bladesmithing school.

* Article on Provenance - what is it and how to prove it?

* Listing of Australian knife show award recipients 2019 onward.

* 500+ amazing quality photos that 'pop' off the page.

* Advertisements from makers and suppliers across the world.

* Celloglazed cover for resistance to dirt, marks etc...

PLUS AN INTERACTIVE FEATURE with QR codes throughout the book.  When scanned with your phone you go to videos of workshop tours, how to's and other interesting features (feature only accessible through the book).

$45AUD+ $10aud postage Australia wide

(approx. $31USD + applicable postage)

Delivering now....

Don't miss out!  Order your copy through the forms below or through the following resellers:


Gameco-Artisan Supplies -

Nordic Edge -

Tharwa Valley Forge -

Hahndorf Knife Shop -


Brent Sandow - P: 0064 27 44 270 46   E:


Mike Keogh - P: 07903 870 515  E:



Order direct through us using the green form below.

Currently looking for reseller(s).


Order direct through us using the green form below.


Currently looking for reseller(s).

2023 Australian and New Zealand Knifemaking Book

Sample pages from actual book

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Non-Australian Residents Order Form

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