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About Us


As an avid knife user, admirer, collector and hobby knife maker I began offering image editing of other bladesmiths/makers photos into multi image montages early 2020, my wife Sharon and I expanded this in 2021 to offering actual photography of makers knives as well as montages at a reasonable price point.

Having been raised in western NSW on a property I started using knives at an early age gaining an appreciation for a good quality, fit for purpose knife early on.  My working career has been largely industrial based supplying mines, quarries, sawmills etc... with bearings, power transmission and conveyor components, as well as fitting of conveyor belts, a  job which you appreciate a good, sharp, comfortable knife when splicing a belt together.  I was forced to stop full time work with the worsening of my Multiple Sclerosis and took up doing a lot of graphic design and photography to keep learning and keep busy, this has led to where we are today.

As a hobbyist knife maker, knife user, knife appreciator, knife collector, photographer, graphic designer and coming from farming and industrial backgrounds, I feel that we are in an excellent position to highlight your knives to their best potential through excellent photographs and amazing image montages.

We look forward to working with you soon.

Remember, dull photos don't cut it!

Rod and Sharon

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