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Find us at these events

June 8th/9th 2024                      Australian Knifemakers Guild

Melbourne Knife Show

Kensington Town Hall


August 10th/11th 2024               Sydney Knife Show

Rosehill Racecourse

Rosehill  NSW

Check back regularly as we are always adding events......

Knife Photography

A handmade knife is a one of a kind piece that has to be seen in all it's glory for prospective buyers to 'want it', great photography plays the most important part in this, allowing the viewer to take in the knife on an uncluttered, complimentary background.

Whether a single image or a montage of images there is no substitute for great photography to show the details.

Bruce Barnett 6 blade congress
Adam Fromholtz Steampunk Assassin Art Knife

Editing Of Your Photos

A number of makers, collectors etc.... can take a good photo but need someone to create the finished image/montage for them, this is where we come in, we work with your photos to create an image you will be proud to use & that will show your knife in the best way possible on social media, website, print, magazines etc...

Editing of your photos is also used by many makers who live overseas that don't want the timeframe/cost of sending the knife to us to photograph.



Certificate of Authenticity

Handmade knives need to have their provenance certified, especially when they are sold to collectors or if you want the value of your work to rise.


We design a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) to suit your requirements, our most popular by far is the COA with image(s) of the actual knife on it, this allows for ease of proving provenance, plus stopping any fraudulent sellers.

Wayne Barrett COA's.jpg
Certificate Daniels Knives.jpg
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