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Certificate of authenticity provenance
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Certificate of Authenticity

Knives can be expensive and as a handmade product deserve to have a quality, individual Certificate of Authenticity (COA) accompany them to prove provenance of the knife.

We can create a COA for your knife, this can have as little, or as much information about the knife as you like, a spot for makers signature and can include an image of the knife, this ensures provenance is never mistaken, or copied, therefore stopping any fraudulent sellers.

  • As a maker this adds value to your knife as well as showing pride in your work by supplying a 'special' COA.

  • As a buyer this ensures you are buying a legitimate product.

  • As a collector it ensures provenance, adding value to your collection in the future.


As a maker, if you are not supplying an individual COA with image(s) of your creation to the purchaser, you should consider it.


As a buyer, if you are not receiving an individual COA with image(s), with every purchase, you should be requesting one.


COA with knife image based on a montage we are doing or have done AU$20

COA with knife image (no seperate montage) from your photos AU$65

COA with knife image (no seperate montage) with us taking photos AU$150

COA for special occasions (eg: wedding, corporate etc...) $POA

Standard COA designed to your requirements ready for you to fill out (no image of actual knife) AU$65

Includes 8"x10" file size ready for printing by you.

Contact us with any questions regarding this service.

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